Car Crash Fatality

A mentally ill woman has been killed after crashing her car in Murrayfield.  The incident happened at 11pm on Friday 17th February.

Nicole Green (30) was pronounced dead at the scene. Witnesses report seeing her driving erratically and screaming out the window about being attacked by bugs and eyes. It is believed she had suffered a breakdown and in her fugue state was unable to control the car causing her to crash into a wall.

She continued to rave about bugs after the crash but quickly succumbed to her injuries and died at the scene.  Paramedics confirmed she suffered massive internal bleeding and a major head trauma.

Nicole had a history of depression and anxiety. The envoy also uncovered she had been self-harming herself 6 years ago, and sought medical help.

Her family have asked for people to respect their privacy while investigations are ongoing. They released a statement saying that Nicole was an amazingly caring woman, caring for cancer patients at St Columbus hospice. She had dedicated her life to helping others and will be missed by many.