Frost Institute Partners with Council

The council has announced an unprecedented partnership with the charity group, the Frost Institute, to supply more mental health services to the city.

The institute has been making waves in the Edinburgh community for the past 6months since opening its doors in the city. They have organised many rallies, events and promotions that are aimed at promoting positive mental health.

Following the training by rebound psychologist Dr Sebastian Frost, they have set up a team of mental health professionals and a base at the Frost-Devitt centre where those with mental health issues can get the help they need.

The council has partnered with the institute after a report from national auditors criticised the level of mental health provision in Edinburgh. It is believed that the institute had offered it services for a greatly reduced cost than other private companies quoted.

Dr Robert Handle, a psychologist working for the institute issued a statement saying

“we are proud to be offering a high-quality provision of mental health services to Edinburgh residents to help supplement a strained service provided by the NHS. The doctors, nurses and other health care professionals of the NHS do an amazing job and we are here to ensure that they can cope with a large increase in mental health service requirement. “

The institute will be take one a range of low to medium level cases that clog up the NHS services, who can focus more on high risk patients who need immediate support.