Vandalism in Roxburgh

On the 21st April, Roxburgh was hit by a spree of vandalism. Statues, benches, bins and other public items were destroyed including CCTV cameras, in what can only be described as a whirlwind of violence.

It is unknown who did this, though the remaining CCTV has shown that at least 4 people were involved, but had their faces covered during the atiacked. Elaine Thornton-Nicol, local councillor, has lambasted the vandals “These acts of violence to public property are not tolerated in Roxburgh, the people here are not willing to put up with art being destroyed and the rising fear of being able to leave their houses safely. Roxburgh will come together to right these wrongs”

Residents of Roxburgh have been out since that night in a show of solidarity. T hey have helped council workers tidy the streets and have started fundraising to cover costs of repairs to the statues and benches. A justgiving page (link) has been set up for anyone wishing to donate. Since that night no further acts of vandalism have occurred.