Man Murdered in Glasgow Riots

The rioting in Glasgow continues to be a major issue for the police and has led to the death of a local man.

Nightly there is violence on the streets of Glasgow as gangs go about attacking each other and members of the public, along with an increase in vandalism and acts of public indecency.

Until now the rioters have badly injured bystanders, 3 have been seriously injured and one is in critical condition in the Royal Infirmary.

On Wednesday 3rd May, former Army Sergeant, Mr Alfred Hastings (72) was coming home from his weekly drinks with friends at the local pub, the Old Govan Pub, in Govan. Witnesses say he was suddenly set about by a group of 4 large men with their faces covered who proceeded to punch Mr Hastings in the gut after he refused to give them his wallet.

Mr Hasting continued to refuse to give up his wallet. One of the men then kicked him in the head as he lay on the ground. Paramedics were called but Mr Hastings was pronounced dead at the scene from traumatic head injury and other injuries.

Police Scotland are investigating the murder and have called in reinforcements from around Scotland to help bolster the cities force who have been on the receiving end of attacks themselves.

There have been calls for a state of emergency to be called in Glasgow and for the army to become involved.