Christians Criticise Club Chaos

Once again, Christian activism groups are speaking out in light of recent events at the Club Balor Luxury Casino. They are pushing for licence reviews, Security overhauls and oversight that could cost the club hundreds of thousands of

“This has to be put to an end,”

exclaimed the leader of the Messianic Brotherhood of Togetherness, Raymond Cole, “This club glorifies demons and debauchery. The government must bring the owner to heel and see that full measures are taken to protect those that would venture into this modern day Gomorra”.

Official spokesperson Steven Crook spoke for Club owner Ronan Devitt in saying “

Mr Devitt is committed to a complete real of the security service provided in Club Balor and is seeing to it that a complete and state of the art system is installed with all haste. However, what the MBT is demanding is ludicrous and should they pursue this slanderous attack, Mr Devitt retains the right to legal recourse”.