Starmage Academy

The writing world was once again alight with talk of the new hot topic. The teaser for an Anime centric piece called “Starmage Academy”. And by all accounts, the critics are tipping this work for greatness.

“It is an intriguing prospect filled with colourful characters,” said famed writer Lawrence MccMurdo, “such as the protagonist Chon Kay. Chon takes the role of the avenger of wrong striking against those who claimed his loved ones. Yet he is so fleshed out and characterised by the writer that the modern Anime trap of one dimensional banality is neatly avoided”.

Mccmurdo is not the only one that is appreciating the work of writer, Deus001. Anime blog sites such as A4L (Anime 4 Life), Gaigin Anime Talk and Ninja Scroll Writings are constantly a flutter with talk of the Starmage Academy. It would seem that this piece is going to “re envision the genre for a western audience.”

The envoy will continue coverage of the story as it unfolds.