Biggest Art Heist in Scottish History

The art world was reeling today after the National Gallery on the Mound was broken into last night and a host of extremely valuable painting and sculptures were stolen along with a large number of other works being defaced.
The break-in happened during the night of the 16th June and the Police and the Gallery Security teams are currently at a loss as to how they managed to disable the security systems in place for the Gallery.

Reports obtained by The Envoy indicate that internal Camera footage was replaced by Benny Hill Chase Scenes and the CCTV outside the Gallery was shut off during the heist. The art Stolen included

  • Olive Trees by Vincent van Gogh (1889)
  • The Vale of Dedham by John Constable (1828)
  • Lady Agnew of Lochnaw by John singer Sargent (1892)
  • tiger with fawn by Antoine Louis Barye. (Statue)

the estimated value of all these pieces is well over £2,000,000. The defaced paintings included

  • Edinburgh Castle from Princes street by Samuel Bough (1860)
  • Callum John Emms (1895)
  • Portrait of a young man by Jan Lievens (1631)

The defacement included stickmen, moustaches and glasses. They estimated costs to repair all the works is over £400,000.
Investigations are continuing and we will update with any further information as the story progresses.