Animal Attacked in Falkirk

Pet owners in Falkirk are warned to be extra vigilant after attack on cat and small dogs by what is thought to be an escaped captive breed raptor.

Animal control has been called out over 10 times the past month due to the deaths of cats and 2 small dogs around the town.  All have the same distinct slashes that experts believe could be a large falcon or kestrel.

Mrs Swinny whoes dog Bert was killed told us

“ I only left him out in the garden for a minute and I heard him make a whining noise I came back out and found him all bloody and ripped.  IT was a scene from a nightmare.

I can’t believe that someone would let such a horrible creature out of its cage and not report it to the authorities.”

Efforts are being made to capture the escaped bird.  If anyone witnesses it please contact animal control.