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Meet Mystic, she is a True Miniature Breed,She is the result of a genetic mutation & Not a Dwarf, or a runt, her aunt is also a miniature, She is a Beautiful Silver Smoke and will show more of her Silver as she matures,She has huge expressive eyes & a cute button nose, giving her an expression known as Doll or Pixy face,She has the sweetest nature & loves cuddles like her Mother she also has a sweet little voice that sounds more like a little bird chirp,When fully grown she will be less than half the size of a average cat and will always look like a kitten, Reared on Royal Canin & she likes Prawn’s, litter trained & had all treatments,Her price is not because she is a miniature ,she is the same price as her siblings, Only a very specials home will be chosen for our precious little darling,

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Cool stuffs available,I recommend you to take a look at a lot of cool stuffs that are posted on this blog- everyday. They are really cool stuffs and you will be surprised to know them. The stuffs are available on the internet.

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Animal Behaviour Consultant
If you are suffering the anguish of living with a dog/cat displaying behaviour problems, I have the experience, solutions and training to help. 2-4 hour consultation including report and follow up call: £90 also offers Special prices and discounts.

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Have you ever read a national newspaper or women’s magazine article and thought “That could be me?” Maybe you’ve experienced a
life-changing event or have overcome an illness.

Perhaps you’ve been cheated in love or have fought your way back after a painful divorce. It could be something out of the ordinary has happened to you or a member of your family.  Maybe you’ve a story which will inspire others – a triumph over tragedy, perhaps, or a medical
miracle. If so, why not share your experience  with national magazine readers and be generously paid for it? Contact me now

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The possibility of healing on the spiritual path will be demonstrated.
Medically verified healings will be presented.
Healed people will report how they have become free from mental and physical illnesses, even those designated by doctors and incurable, including drug addiction.
Young people will also report about their experiences.
You will be informed about Bruno Groening and the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends.
The absorption of the healing force will be explained and can be experienced during the lecture.
Admission Is Free, Donations Are Accepted.
Speaker: Dr. O. Bonifer MD

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