Clean up stalled due to Protestors

Ecological clean-up process slowed down at Ravenscraig national park as protesters have hampered progress by The Godfrey Foundation to clean up the site.
last month reported on how the park had been badly damaged by several hundred pounds of industrial level toxic waste that had been uncovered. It was uncovered by several teenagers playing in the area who have now been released from hospital after being treated for burns and poisoning.

Many have been seen dressed in bright colours, unusual hair colours and harassing workers with eggs, tomato sauce and glitter.  There dress has sparked a cosplay fad with many other protesters taking up similar dress.

When asked why they are attacking a company that is helping to clean up the area they reply that the Godfrey Foundation is just as bad as those who ruined the place.

Danny Flowerdew told us
“All they see is a chance to make money from the parks misfortune.  They don’t really care about the place just their own capitalist gains.   Big businesses like this have no respect and will likely want to use the clean up to further plans to build more houses and industrial units”

There are talks by the police and the council to work out a deal with the protestors to allow the clean up process to continue before any more lasting damage can be done.