Coma patient wakens

Harold Garth (24) had been in a coma for the past 3 weeks after falling into it suddenly at work one evening.  Doctors were surprised when he awoke suddenly from the coma.

He was working as gallery staff at the Dovecot Gallery when he suddenly slipped into the coma on the night of 4th June. He had a history of illness which lead him to collapse at work and was rushed to the hospital where Doctors were unable to dully diagnose the issue.  He was breathing and did not need life support.  He was suffering from anaemia which was a long-term health issue he suffered from.

His family were relieved that he had woken and that he was beginning ot regain full control over all his faculties.

The Doctor caring for him have said that sometimes the body just needs time to heal itself and goes into shutdown like in Mr Garths case.    He will remain in hospital for observation for the next few weeks, but they expect him to make a full recovery.