Ravenscraig Rumble has Four Arrested

The ongoing situation surrounding the toxic waste site uncovered at Ravenscraig National Park turned violent on the 24th of July.  This was the day that four protesters decided to cross the picket line to make a more physical stand against the charity clean-up crews that have been toiling to clean the site.

Amanda Holder (23) was charged with criminal damage after crossing the picket line and hurtling equipment around causing damage and alarm to locals and onlookers.  Steven Robertson (20) was charged with assault after striking several security team members of Corden Environmental as they tried to move Ms Holder along.  Finally, David and Mark Fleming (24, 22) were charged with vandalism of property when they sprayed protest slogans over clean-up equipment and porta-cabins belonging to Godfrey Industries.

Both Corden Environmental and Godfrey Industries have been involved in the clean-up effort since the spill was uncovered.  Spokespeople from either company have been unavailable for comment and have refused to answer protest allegations that they are covering spills caused by their companies.  Protesters have also cited repeated electrical failures as a lack of commitment on behalf of both companies to the clean-up effort.

The Envoy will be following this story as it unfolds.