Gruesome Murder in Storage Facility – Garth Strikes again

A Leith Self Storage facility has been closed down while police investigate what is said to be a murder of a female Police Officer,  believed to have been carried out by Harold Garth.

Russel Self Storage on Salamander street was closed to the public on 3rd September after workers discovered the scene inside one of the Units.  They had become concerned due to the smell and noticing what they thought was blood by the door.

DC Cheryl Fox, who has served 10 years in the Police force was Killed in a ritualistic fashion in what is thought to be another attack by Harold Garth.  Her body was badly mutilated by the killer in what is thought to be a staged satanic ritual.

Harold Garth is already being sought for the murder of his wife and now it seems he is on a murder spree as similarities have been found at both sites.  He is considered a danger and should not be approached, call the police immediately if you spot him or know of his whereabouts.