Behaviour in schools is getting worse

Behaviour in Edinburgh Schools has taken a downturn according to new reports from the police and social work.  More and more children are being reported to authorities because their behaviour is becoming unmanageable by the schools.

In the last month there has been a sharp increase in reported incidents, nearly 5 times the previous months.  The number of violent assaults on teachers or other students has increased from 34 last year to 89 this this year, with 67 of them happening in September itself.

Police Scotland have started appointing Officers to all secondary schools in Edinburgh to help curb the increase in violence.

Reports the envoy has obtained has shown that many of the violent outbursts have come from pupils who have never had any issues previously.   This is a major concern for the schools.

Dr Frost, of the Frost institute has begun offering help to the schools. In a press release he said
It is very saddening to hear of these children who have grown up with such negativity, doing such acts.  They are of course not fully to blame, many have never experienced positive boundaries and are acting out because they feel need for attention and the security that comes with it.

The Frost institute runs programmes for children and parents to help both learn to provide positive experiences for each other.  We offer these classes free of charge to all families in Edinburgh.  These children are not yet a lost generation, we can teach them how to be a positive person, a good citizen and how to care for each other.”

IF you think your child has become more aggressive, please contact your school immediately so plans can be put in place to help them.