Scottish Government launches new Employee Vehicle Rules

After pressure from various groups and interested parties, coupled with a recent accident to employees of Edinburgh Zoo, the Scottish Government has launched a set of regulations for all company owned vehicles to ensure safety is met to the fullest.

The regulations now expect employers to ensure that any vehicles owned by the company and used by employees be MOT’ed every year from the year of purchase, not after three years along with only allowing vehicles with a 4 star safety rating or higher to be used.

Last month employees from Edinburgh Zoo were involved in a major incident when the Van they were driving back from the National Wildlife park was totalled after its brakes failed.  The two employees were unharmed but investigations into the crash found that the van barely met the requirements to be road worthy.

Humza Yousaf MSP, praised the new regulations and gave timescales for companies to become compliant.

“These new regulations is not just about protecting employees, but also ensuring that companies are no longer put in a position where employees can claim damages for badly kept vehicles.  All companies that use any vehicles should become compliant by August 2020. “

Businesses are up in arms about these regulations, The FSB claiming they could cost companies Millions of Pounds in new vehicles.