Classifieds – November 2017

Have you seen me?
Missing since the middle of October. 2 year old male slow loris.
Brown coat, orange red eyes and an obsession for cuddling. Dressed in a red and white bow and tan sun hat.
Responds to the name ikie. Last seen in Edinburgh.
Reward for return or information leading to
finding him
Contact 545

Seeking Iron
In need of any scrap iron you have, will pay good money for any and all, small or large.
will pay a great price on raw ore.
prefer iron that has been kept in cold and moisture free conditions but not picky.
Contact 546

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Black Foxes
Yixzh Clubp

No Convact

Meditative Yoga with Gong
Restorative meditative Yoga with Gong with the focus on the breath, which results in a deep relaxation,rejuvination and balancing of our entire system.
Unique and wonderful way to spend time with yourself and invest into your well being.
Suitable for all.
Contact 547