Edinburgh Rat Problem increases

Edinburgh like all major cities has its fair share of rodent issues.  But these are kept in check by the council’s pest control team and up until this month the number of vermin in the city centre has shown little sign of increases, even decreasing considerably at times over the year.

Last Month though there were reports of increased sightings and one significant infestation in the very centre of town.

On Sunday 4th February there were reports of a large number of rats congregating in a side alleyway on George Street.    Pest control had been called to check what caused the massing, but they were unable to find a cause.

Shop and bar owners in the area have seen an increase in rats since this day but nothing on the same level.

Jinder Marbur of the council’s pest control told us

“Rats and other rodents are a common sight in Edinburgh, though we do our best in conjunction with operation services to ensure that the streets are not in a condition to attract them out.  We have advised all the tenants to ensure all waste is properly disposed of in secure bins and to keep an eye out for any holes or other entry points so as to ensure their premises are not infested.  If anyone experiences any rodent issues they should contact the council immediately.”