Heritage site destroyed in mystery blaze.

On the night of 15th March, Strathmartine Hospital, Dundee, was set ablaze.

Local Fire crews were called out to tackle the blaze which had swept through most of the building.   This had not been the first fire to have happened at the site, but this one has done the most damage to the building.

The listed building, currently under owned by Heathfield Limited, has been abandoned for years after attempts to repurpose it into flats fell through.

There have been significant fires in 2008, 2009, 201, 2015 and 2016.  Each of which have deteriorated the structure.  This recent fire has cause irreparable damage and the site is likely to be demolished.

Fire crews reported that the fire spread quickly and that they believe that vandalism was the main cause.  They were lucky in that it was contained due to a large rainfall that occurred that night.    Further investigations will be undertaken once the buildings structure is fully assessed and it is safe for investigators to enter.