Child missing after Meadows Attack

On the 16th June Liam Johnson (6) and his Mother Pam were walking through the meadows on their way home when they were attacked.  Pam was left in critical condition and Liam has yet to be found, police fearing the child has been kidnapped by the attacker.

Mrs Johnson described the attacker as

“a monster, it came out of nowhere there were fangs and claws, it looked human but it wasn’t, it couldn’t be”

Before being put into a medically induced coma for her injuries.

She was found after screams were heard and witnesses describe the scene as horrific and brutal, almost akin the an animal attack.

A hunt took place shortly after the attack by Police and volunteers ot try and find Liam but he has not yet been found.

He was wearing blue jeans, black trainers and a red “cars” hooded top.  He is blonde with short hair.

If anyone has any information they should contact the police.