Outrageous Fire Turns City into a Riot.

Firefighters and Police left reeling after a Rave goes wrong in the popular nightclub Outrageous Cabaret in Carlisle. Police attended the scene after a fight started inside the club on 14th July. Ravers where as told to leave the building however many did not wish to do so. Witnesses claim to have seen someone start a fire in the bathrooms which quickly grew. By the time the Fire Service attended the scene, the brawl had spread into the street. The battle continued till the early hours in the morning. Overburdened hospital staff have been dealing with the injuries. The police have reported 17 ravers severely injured and two police officers are in the intensive care.

Investigations have started to find the cause of both the fire and the brawl. Police have requested any information on the incident to be sent to Severe Criminal Unit for further investigation.