A Public Plea

Once again, Scottish doctors have been forced to call upon public support following a spate of robberies of local blood banks.

As reported in previous editions, illicit transport of bagged blood has reached a peak once again.  This has left the local blood stores at a dangerous low once again according to local doctor, Marina Kent of Larbert Hospital.

“The criminals in question are clearly taking advantage of the requirement for bagged blood by illicit doctors for underworld treatment,” said Marina (34), ” this has left a painful shortage and a real danger that transfusions and life saving surgeries cannot go ahead.  The only thing we can now do is ask the public once again to find it in their hearts to donate blood.  Because men, women and children will die without their help.”

Hospitals around the country have began taking to the road, setting up drive stations and visiting work stations.  Once again the Envoy hopes that the response from its readership will be as generous as before.  Together, the Envoy and it’s readers can make sure that criminal trade of blood will not cost the lives of the truly needy in Scotland.

Please give generously.