Mysterious Disappearance at Farm

Police Scotland are investigating the mysterious disappearance of a family and farm hands at Frenich Farm near Loch Lomond.

Andrew Burgess and his wife Lillian Burgess along with their 12 year old Daughter Aiofe, have all disappeared along with five of the farms farmhands, Keith McMillan, Antoni Kowalski, Aleksander Nowak, Szymon Nowak and Filip Wójcik.

The farm was discovered abandoned on the 12th August when a neighbouring farmer had realised their cows had been left without milking.  All attempts to contact them were unsuccessful.  The farmhands were all Eastern European Workers whose families are living in their native countries, they have not heard from them since before the 7th August.

There were no signs of a struggle, only that farm equipment was in use when they left.

Mr Dawson who found the cows told reporters

“IT was like a ghost farm when I arrived, there was no-one there but it felt like they had just up and vanished like the Mary Celeste”

The Dairy Farm that the family have owned since the 1920’s had been dealing with financial issues over the past 2 years.

If anyone has seen or had contact with any of the missing people you should immediately contact police Scotland.