Nicolson Kidnappers linked to Leith Gang

We reported last month about a mysterious kidnapping that occurred in Nicolson street. On Tuesday 3rd July when a man was chased down Nicolson street by two female pursuers and forcibly dragged away.  They caught him just outside the KFC where witnesses saw them take him away down a side street.

Further information has come to light after security camera footage was discovered of the kidnappers forcing the man into a vehicle known to belong to a gang member. The unnamed gang member is known to part of the notorious Dead Mans Hand Gang, one of the major gangland powers currently occupying Leith.

There has still not been any information regarding the missing man or the two female kidnappers but Police feel that they are also gang members possibly dealing with a rival.   Investigations will continue as the gang is not known for being lenient towards other gangs and Police fear the man has already been killed.

If anyone has any information they may report it anonymously to police Scotland.