Gang to blame for Blood Crisis

The shortage of blood stocks in Edinburgh has been attributed to a local gang using nefarious means to steal supplies.

The Dead Mans Hand, a gang well known to the police in Edinburgh with a reputation for being behind some of the most heinous crimes committed in Edinburgh, has been named as the gang responsible for the thefts.  It is unknown what they wish to use t for at this moment but the large amounts that had been taken had reduced the supplies considerably.

A unknown but believed source has tipped off Edinburgh Locals who have started to Boycott the Dead Mans Hand operations in their areas.  Normally Locals would allow these criminal gangs to go about their business as it formed part of the culture of Edinburgh poorer areas, but now they are up in arms in regards to the action of this gang.

One Local who wished to remain anonymous told the Envoy

“This gang breaks the unwritten rules of crime in Edinburgh, they have no respect for the traditions and have gone down a dark path by stealing blood from those who need it most.

Us locals would normally fear them for what they could do to us, but no more.  We are taking stand to say no to the DMH and their ways.  The junkies won’t buy their drugs, they will go elsewhere, their whore houses will be empty and they wont find anyone willing to take their s**t”

A representative of Police Scotland informed the press that a full investigation is ongoing into the crimes.