Rockstar Party Slaughter

In the early hours of September 3rd, a horrendous and brutal mass murder was carried out during a party hosted by the Gilded Rose Singer, Zed.

The front-man had organised with the Dalmahoy Hotel in Edinburgh to host an outdoor party with band members and a few friends including his newest acquisition “Meteora”.  Security had been put in place by the hotel who prides itself on the high level of protection that it offers celebrity guests.

During the party there was a break in by what is believed to be members of the Dead Mans Hand, a criminal gang that has become a major player in the Edinburgh underworld.  There was believed to be four or five attackers, including the two females implicated in the Nicolson Street Kidnapping and another man identified as a leader of one of the small gang cells the DMH use.  They were all heavily armed with knifes and swords.

The attackers sent one of the females but was stopped by security.  The others followed her and a fight ensued.

All the attendee were believed to be killed including the security guard.  The scene was described as gruesome and the level of violence towards the bodies has raised concern, especially as some bodies were decapitated after their death.   There has been discussion by medical experts that the level of damage caused was so sever that they think that the drugs used that night such as “Speedball” has had a reaction with the Ebola virus that was found to be present in many of the bodies, causing increased degradation, hence the more brutal wounds.

The bodies of Zed and Meteora have not been found, leading to speculation that they played a part in this murder, either as an extreme form of art, or as more commonly thought a way for Zed to fake his own death.  Investigations of Zeds finances have shown that he is was heavily in debt with rumours circulating that he owed a lot of money to drug dealers.  Others believe he has been taken by the dealers and dealt with separately.

Two videos have been found online of the incident showing the attackers.  There has been calls that this was an elaborate theatrical set up by Zed as both videos are the same except for the exclusion of one large male who is not seen attacking anyone on video, leading to calls that the public attack was scripted.  This give credence to the theory that Zed had this occur to escape his debts.

Police Scotland are seeking anyone who might have any further information about these attacks.

A police task force has also been set up due to the increased gang violence to prevent scenes that occurred 2 years ago in Leith happening again.