Criminal Connection to Mass Murder

An investigation is underway into the connections that Gilded Rose Frontman, Zed, had with the criminal gangs of Edinburgh after videos of him involved in murder and cult like behaviour were released to press.

Please note that the video does contain scenes of graphic nature.

The scenes show him in a studio recording videos and becoming visibly upset at the staff who failed to appease his whims.  He has always been known to have a Diva complex but he had never been seen taking to violence because of it until now.  He is shown to shoot one of the camera operators and then attack a prop person with a sword.  There is belief that the videos he was recording were part of a subversive plan to indoctrinate his fans into a pseudo religion so he may better use them for his own needs.

The police have begun an enquiry to ascertain the links he has to help prove that the mass murder at the Dalmahoy Hotel was an orchestrated plan to remove himself from public and make himself a martyr.  This failed due to issues such as the dual videos of the scene which called the attack into question.

Investigations into the Dead Mans Hand Gang are ongoing.