Public Safety Announcement

Following the recent accounts of the Ebola Virus within Edinburgh. Renowned medical specialist, Dr Gideon Kramer has approached The Envoy to forward a public call for health screenings:

“The disease has claimed 28 lives within Edinburgh,” said the Doctor matter of factly when speaking to our journalist, “However, it should be noted that the disease has the potential to wreak havoc and claim much more in the way of lives. The fact that it has not speaks volumes for the men and women of the Edinburgh medical services and the assistance from the WHO.”

The doctor continued. “Now I must do my part to aid the public. For the disease has an exponential spread rate through anything that can spread bodily fluids. This means a sneeze can transfer the disease as far as 6ft from an infected body. Therefore, the following protocols should be ensured.”

“Should an individual feel they present any of the symptoms of the Ebola Virus (See recent issues of the Envoy). Do not make your way to a doctor’s surgery or hospital as this risks spread of the disease. I would ask that you immediately call 0800 4316424 stating that you are concerned. A professional screaming team and appropriate care will be provided as soon as possible”

“All others should please make there way to the nearest screening centre available on the WHO website. There you will be screened and given appropriate guidance in operation during this period of concern.”

“The importance of calm is required. Disruption of these procedures slow treatment and response times. However, if everyone does there part in treatment and precaution. This disease will be defeated”.

Dr Kramer is considered one of the top three medical, haematological and viral specialists in the world and has offered full disclosure to the Envoy in interests of preventing public danger and panic. The Envoy has been promised further updates by Dr Kramer as this story unfolds.