Dr Kramer Shining with New Lecture

The enigmatic Dr Gideon Kramer has announced that he will be hosting another lecture at the Frost-Devitt Institute. This time he will be discussing “common bio molecular mutations in European haematological contagions”. A subject that is sure to have many attend after the outbreaks of Ebola in the city.

Dr Kramer’s last lecture was well attended and in a spectacular showing of multiculturalism, he did parts of his talk in various languages.

Dr Kramer, known to the medical community as a recluse in the past few years, has recently made himself a public figure with him bringing to light many issues regard blood borne diseases. He has been linked to the recent synthetic blood that is about to be tested in trials. He has been a great assistance to Edinburgh in helping organise a plan for dealing with the outbreak of Ebola.

His manager and spokesperson who goes by the name Ravi told us
“Dr Gideon Kramer is a doctor committed too seeing the further growth and development of medicine for all. He puts his every effort into his work in hopes that advancements in medical knowledge will make cures and treatments available to all regardless of wealth, background or ethnicity. Even in trying times he takes efforts to share his knowledge within his field in hopes that others may once again further and build on his knowledge to help society. He is a doctor fully motivated by his oath.”