Pizza Shortage

On the night of the 23rd October, eight of Edinburgh’s pizza shops were fully bought out of stock in a mysterious run of orders.

All eight shops within a matter of hours receiving orders to be delivered be delivered to an address in the capitol. All orders were fully paid for, there have been no fraud claims on any of the payments. Due to privacy the address has not been disclosed, but drivers were instructed to leave the orders on the front steps of a house after confirming the delivery over intercom.

One of the shops, Civerinos Slice, commented to the envoy
“We were all prepared for our usual Friday night. Come 10pm the large order came in. We thought it was a joke at first when it came through, but after checking with the customer and ensuring payment was made in full we began to prepare the order. Once we were finished we found we did not have enough stock to complete any other orders that night so had to close early. This is the firs time that has ever happened to our shop. We hope whoever bought all of them enjoyed our food.”

It is unsure why such big orders were made, but calculations show they ordered well over 500 pizzas that night.