Greyfriars Kirk Attacks – Updated

Two attacks on separate nights have taken place around the greyfriars Kirk.  Both were physical attacks upon females, there has been no reports of rape.  Both women have been treated for their injuries.

The first attack was on Fiona McBride (25) who was walking home from a having dinner in town on the 13th November.  The attack took place at around 12pm and left Fiona with head wounds.

The Second took place on the 15th November where Mary Kelly (32) was attacked near the entrance of the Kirk.  She was attacked from behind and had significant bruising to her back and legs.

Neither woman saw the attacker, but Police have added extra patrols in the area and have advised all Pedestrians walking alone to always remain aware of their surroundings.

Krav Maga Edinburgh has also offered two free self defence classes to anyone who wishes to learn techniques for dealing with an attacker.

Update- Third Victim attacked

The Greyfriars Ghost as this criminal has been dubbed, has attacked a third woman.  She has yet to be named but is reported to be in critical condition in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.  The attack happened on 29th November at around 3am.  There were no witnesses and the victim has yet to recover enough to give a statement.

The other two victims continue to recover.

Police have reinforced that members of the public should not venture out in the Greyfriars area alone at night.