Cure Efforts Delay Sparks Outrage

The potential cure for the Ebola virus that was about to enter testing has been delayed after officials impounded the samples after the van delivering them to the WHO London Headquarters was involved in a lethal crash on the A1.  The driver, Dan Black did not survive.

Outrage has sparked on social media after it was revealed that customs officials tightened the regulations on transportation and confiscated the samples due to contamination fears.  Movement of medical and chemical research has been restricted under new procedures requiring special permissions direct from customs officials.

The potential cure has been seen as a lifeline for those who have bene infected or live in areas affected by the disease.  The restrictions have sparked campaigns by leading charities including the Red Cross who believe that the extraneous red tape being put in place by government officials could potentially kill thousands.

In Edinburgh the number of deceased has been thought to have risen into the hundreds.

Christmas Charity event at Club Serenity to help raise funds for Ebola victims