Reporters Family Kidnapped

The family of Journalist Jacqueline Red, have been kidnapped in what police are calling a swift and brutal home invasion.

Jacqueline returned home on 24th November to find her front door ajar and her belonging strewn across the house.  Her husband, Michael (36) and her three children, Jayden (12), Blossom (8) and Teddy (3) had been in the house when she had left her office at 9pm.  She arrived home at 10pm and all were missing.  Attempts to contact them failed and it is believed that a group must have entered the house and took them, signs of a struggle were present.

Jacqueline Red, a journalist who has worked for the envoy amongst other papers has always sought the truth and has been a frontrunner in exposing gang crime and violence within the city.  She has investigated many organisations over the years and recently reported on the Dead Mans Hand operations. It is unknown as of yet if she had received any  recent threats from the organisations she has exposed.

The police are appealing for anyone with information regarding this attack to come forward.