Thousands without Water

Edinburgh has been gripped by a wave of burst water pipes over the course of a single evening that is thought to be costing in the millions to fix.

Edinburgh Council has been working nonstop to fix a large number of burst pipes all around Edinburgh that left thousands without water.  The pipe system in Edinburgh has been a contentious issue as councillors have not felt that enough has been invested by both the council and Scottish water with thought that Edinburgh could be ill prepared for a large number of burst pipes.

This came true when on the night of 29th November a number of water issues over the entire city were reported.  Scottish water engineers are investigating and have attempted to fix as many of the most serious issues as possible.  Unfortunately many homes are still without water, Edinburgh council has offered free bottled water to those who need it.

The estimated costs according officials will be at least 2 million and as there are likely more pipes needing replaced, the costs are set to rise.  A n investigation into the system has begun to identify pipes with potential issues.