Ebola Cured

The much anticipated cure for Ebola has passed all tests and is now being prepared for distribution.

In what is said to be a Christmas Miracle, the WHO gave the cure the greenlight on 18th December saying that

“all tests and studies of this formula have given positive results, the work of Dr Kramer and his team has been proven to supress the virus”

The cure is based around an aggressive form of the ZBT-ZMAPP technology trialled in Switzerland in the year 2002.  Though the trial in question was against cancer cells and was unsuccessful, Dr Kramer has been able to re-patent the same idea for an entirely new medical breakthrough.

Dr Kramer advised the envoy that he used “suicide gene programming therapy” to create a solution filled with an aggressive enzymatic antibody and forced the ebola genes themselves to collapse plasmicly so that the contagious matter could be treated by the bodies natural functions and passed through the waste system.

The cure is expected to be ready for distribution starting from December 27th.  Further details will be made available to the public once a system is in place.  Check the WHO website for further information.