Charity Water Drive Success

Communities have come together to help those badly effected by the recent water pipe issues.

Earlier this month many homes in Edinburgh were left without water after the pipe system in Edinburgh had a catastrophic failure.   In response a charity water drive was set up for members of the public to gift bottled water and other supplies to those in need after it was apparent that the councils supplies would only cover the very basic needs.

In a showing of great spirit of the season, many residents provided water.  Private gyms and other businesses offered their locker rooms for showering to help reduce the stress on public swimming pools that could not keep up with the demand.

An anonymous sources has also donated £150,000 towards the cost of fixing the pipes in Edinburgh.  It is believed that the charity Helping Hands is connected to it, but they have not confirmed this yet.

Most of the pipes have been replaced as efforts to reconnect supplies was made a priority by the council.  Some homes are still experiencing issues and should contact Scottish Water customer services to further investigate the issues.