Extreme Weather causes Chaos

In less than 24 hours the Police reported more than 30 accidents due to the weather conditions and the number continues to grow.


“Just over that course of time, there were various areas of the country affected from residential areas to motorways” Police Scotland Public Information Officer Jeff Hughes said.


As the temperature keeps falling with roads once again becoming icy, authorities said they hope to reduce the number of accidents they are responding to.


Hughes said it is best if people stay home if they can.


“If you do have to get out and about please be extra cautious,” Hughes said. “The roads are still dangerous, they’re hazards even though some of the ice has melted off due to traffic they’re still slick due to the moisture.”


Towing companies and rescue squads cannot catch a break, responding to five to six accidents each hour.


“This was actually a three-car incident,” Big Daddy’s General Manager Tim Berardi said. “This lorry was hooked up to a truck and the truck lost control, the lorry went sideways causing a three-car pile-up.”


“We are also asking the public that if you do see an accident that officers are out working reduce that speed a little bit more to make sure that you can get by the accident scene safely because a lot of times what happen is accidents do breed accidents,” Hughes said.


Hughes is reminding drivers that while you can control what you do in your car, you cannot control what someone else is doing and so it helps to pay keen attention to your surroundings.


As usual, drivers are being asked to plan trips and increase travel times, rushing to your destination is not ideal in these conditions.