“The world right now can feel like there is no hope, that darkness has snuffed out all good in the world. We are here to help.

Group support meetings twice a week at Stevenson Youth Centre, 1-3pm Wednesdays and Fridays. Together we can stand against the dark.”

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Time is running out…

Sign up to our next 6 week fitness course!

Every Mon – Fri, 6 weeks of 30 minute sessions targeting all fitness areas, including Yoga each Wednesday.

6am – 6.30am and 7am – 7.30am classes!

Don’t miss out the opportunity to try something new. 127 are here to help you with your personal goals!

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kune kune cross piglets for sale

Will grow approx knee height (25″)

To own a pet pig you need a cph number (county parish holding number) These are free you just need to contact dephra (rural payments dept) for one

Any questions please message me

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Motivational speaker in India | Aarush Advik in Edinburgh

Aarush Advik, India’s leading motivational speaker, mentor, inspirational author incorporates valuable content for business and personal growth with practical and implementable tools. Rahul is known as a ‘live wire’ in delivering highly memorable, inspirational programs to individuals, teams and organizations.

His customized content, which is a combination of Psychology, Science and Spirituality, is delivered to hundreds of prominent organizations, including many Fortune 500 companies. Over the last 17 years, his programs have inspired over 150,000 people across 11 countries like India, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, USA and the Middle East resulting in increased sales revenue, superior customer service and operational excellence. His largest single audience to date is 7,000 participants.

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Whether you’re old/young, tall/short, fast/slow, male/female, korfball could be the sport for you!

We train twice a week, on Monday and Wednesday evenings and meet socially every Friday evening where we are lucky enough to be sponsored by The Tron who provide us with an area and free food!

If you would like more information on korfball, our club, or have any questions then please do feel free to get in touch

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