Journalist in Critical Condition

Journalist Leanne Sharp was left in critical condition after her investigations into a Dead Mans Hand Base of operations.

It is believed that after a tip off about the possible location she took it upon herself to investigate in what is believed to be the biggest story she has ever reported upon.   After having discovered the presence of the reporter, it appeared the gang decided to attack her. She suffered a host of injuries and is currently in a coma to aid her recovery. 

Miss sharp works as a freelance journalist, after only a few years of graduating from Edinburgh University with a Degree in English she has shown a talent for writing invocative pieces.  This was the first time she had ever investigated a criminal organisation and it might have been that inexperience that led to her attack.  Police and National Union of Journalists have both reminded the profession that such investigations are dangerous and should not be undertaken without proper protection.

Police raided the site shortly afterwards.  It was reported that riot gear and specialist services were called in to aid taking out the heavily armed gang.