When are things happening?

Embraced holds a monthly court game on the first Sunday of every Month
Smaller time-ins can also occur during the month depending on character actions.  The Narrators will put out a call for NPC’s for these if they are needed.

We have a number of events and time ins coming up:

AGM: 2nd February 2020
Annual General Meeting for Embraced

This is your opportunity to raise concerns, discuss changes or problems and help decide where the game is going in the year to come.

Depending on how dead everyone is afterwards, this will be followed by a social event. Note: There will be NO court game for February

For IC details please check the IC forum.

Court Game: 1st March 2020

Monthly game for June. 7pm Venue to be announced 

If you need to speak to narrators before hand, please contact us and we shall arrange something.