When are things happening?

We have a number of events and time ins coming up:

May 25th: Midsummer Night Meetings
A number of players have decided to seek a meeting withe the Court of Summer. Shenanigans shall of course ensue…

Player characters for this event are set however if you want to come along and let your faery fly please comment below on the event or otherwise indicate your interest! Glitter is encouraged and bonfire/barbecue also optional.

May 26th: Second Downtime Deadline
Second downtime deadline for May. Continue actions, make contacts, plans and other such madness.
IC notes: 
The weather is even more topsy turvey!
Multiple deaths from wild animal attacks have been reported as well as reports of people’s pets suddenly turning aggressive
Amongst the kindred, it is now common knowledge that Queen Anne, Prince of London, has been destroyed following a ‘diplomatic incident’ with the three Justicars still currently in the UK. A new Prince of London has not been announced as of yet.

May 30th: Gangrel Fae Hunting
A number of Edinburgh’s gangrel are off to practice their hunting and are bringing along a few friends to check for any fairy nonsense.

Player Characters for this event are set however there is an opportunity for some NPC friendlies to accompany them (because someone invited werewolves to join them!). If you are interested in NPCing for this either as an honorary gangrel for the night or as a miscellaneous entity, please indicate below on the event.

This is also going to be exploring a new outdoor location so please bear this in mind!

June 2nd: June Court Game
Monthly game for June. 7pm
PLEASE NOTE THE START TIME ON THE EVENT. There is an event in the downstairs bar before us and so please do not turn up before half 6 to allow the bar staff to clean up and so forth.
If you need to speak to narrators before hand, please contact us and we shall arrange something.

For IC details please check the IC forum.