Gang attacked by Vigilantes after Murder

A spat of vigilante violence against the gang known as the Dead Mans hand has seen many properties believed to belong to the gang put out of commission.

This comes after the David Mack was Kidnapped and his boyfriend Noah Hicks was murdered and his head, and the head of the couple’s two dogs, were left at a police station. 
Investigations are ongoing in regard to Mr Mack’s disappearance, though he is believed to be related to the Dead man’s hand.

Properties around Edinburgh have been attacked by gangs of men and woman who appear to have had enough of the violence and murder on their doorstep.  They have taken it upon themselves to do what they believe the police are not doing fast enough and taking out the buildings these gang members use to conduct their illegal activities.

Police have warned the public that taking matters into their own hands will lead to those involved being arrested for interfering in police investigations.  Police Scotland issued a statement

“WE are saddened that the general public feel they must take such actions against an obvious criminal element, but for us to do our job properly, procedures and evidence gathering must happen else we are not able to achieve convictions for these gang members.  Anyone who interferes with this process is ensuring that these gang members will return to the streets without paying for their crimes.

We want to work with the public and ask those who know of any illegal activities to come forward and inform us so we can properly investigate and stop these criminals the legal way.”