Wild Animal Attacks Increase, Man Killed.

There has been a sharp increase in reported animal attacks around Scotland in the past month.  Badgers, Deer and even a pod of seals have shown unusually high aggression.

In early April a man in Aberdeen was mauled to death by a pod of Seals.  The unnamed male was walking along the shore when passer-by’s witnessed the pod come out of the water and attack him.

Other attacks include deer attacking vehicle and passengers who stopped to watch them.   This is uncharacteristic even during mating season. 

Bird attacks have also rose.  Seagulls, already known to be highly aggressive have been reported to be even angrier.  There was even a report of a hawk causing a 75 year old lady to become trapped in her greenhouse for 5 hours after it set its sights on attacking her. The Scottish Wildlife trust has started an investigation as these patterns of behaviour are abnormal.