Eco Terrorism destroys Farmland

An unnamed eco terrorist group is thought to have been behind the destruction of over a hector of farmland in West Lothian.   No one has yet to claim responsibility, but police investigations are ongoing into the fire.

Braxton Farm, Near Broxburn has come under attack in the past by various ecological groups after it began using GMO crops as part of its planting.   This had led to a few arrests and various restraining orders against local protesters. 

The fire was started in the early morning of Friday 2st May.  It spread quickly due to the ground being dry and before the fire services could arrive it had already destroyed much of the farmland.  

Liam Dymock, the owner of the farm told us

“Everything we have worked so hard for has been destroyed.  We are lucky in that we have some protection with insurance, but the damage to the land due to the fire means we may still have to sell the farm as its going to take years to return the land to growing standards.

I hope whoever did this is caught quickly before any other farms are destroyed.  The research into GMOP crops has proven that they are no less dangerous than any other crops, but this does not seem to stop those who have been radicalised into thinking otherwise from committing such acts of destruction”

If anyone has any information regarding the fire, please contact the police.