Wild animal Attacks continue

The concern about ecological issues effecting Scottish wildlife continues to grow as more animals have shown an increased aggressiveness leading to more deaths and injuries.  There is also concern that pets are also being effected.

2 more deaths have occurred.  Karen McGill was found trampled to death in a field nears Gordons town.  It was believed she had been on a walk and the cows in the field had attacked her.

Lisa Little was found to be killed after going out to photograph wildcats.

The number of reported dog bites has increased leading experts to believe that the factors effecting the animals is spreading.

A spokesperson for the environment secretary said

“The growing concern of an environmental issue that is increasing the aggressiveness of animals is becoming a national priority.  All of teams have been working flat out to find the causes and experts have been consulted from all over the world to help us figure out and combat it.

We advise everyone take precautions and keep clear of highly populated wildlife areas as much as possible.   We have teams organised to assist those in agricultural and wildlife to ensure safety procedures are in place. “

Our thoughts are with the families of those who have lost their lives.