Civilian help wanted

Police have approached the public for assistance in locating a local business figure, believed to be Jukka Karlborn of Karlborn industries, in connection with drug crime in the local city of Falkirk today.

Mr Karlborn is rumoured to have related to influential Falkirk gangs such as “The Fear” and the “YBT” groups who have been key figures in the central Scotland narcotics trade.  Though there are no current allegations as to whether Mr Karlborn has been connected with these organisations as a user or trafficker of narcotics.  Only that the Police wish to discuss the matter with him.

“Mr Karlborn has been reported as missing for a number of months,” according to a detective Munro of the Central Scotland Narcotics Division of the C.I.D.  “However, these allegations have forced us to freeze several of his assets under the proceeds of crime act of 2002.  Once Mr Karlborn has been located and answered some questions, I am sure we can release his assets and let him carry on with his business”.

So far, the police have had no further updates as to the whereabouts of the reclusive businessman.

The Envoy will have more as this story unfolds.