Climate change blamed for animal attacks

The recent Animal attacks have been a source of great debate over the past months with various theories such as chemical influence, to out there theories such as government funded programs going wrong.

The most common theory is that climate change due to global warming has played a significant role.  Animal experts have long theorised that the change of only a few degrees could cause major upset in the eco systems of animal.  In this case they believe the sever and extended winter have caused damage to many food sources and so animals are becoming ore aggressive to improve their chances of survival. 

They also believe that this also effects domesticated animals due to their heightened senses allowing them to detect environmental change along with territorial pheromones of wild animals.  This can have a serious effect on their behaviour. 

Environmentalists and academics are banding together to urge the government to meet and exceed targets for CO2 emissions and other environmental projects quicker to better protect the environment.