Pollution and waste ruining Scottish countryside and beaches has long been an issue for the residents of bonnie Scotland.  But for one reason or another, much of the issue has yet to be dealt with.  Until now, as several concerned activists and citizens have decided to act.

Launching the online media trend of “#trashtag”, a group has come together with the express purpose of cleaning the country up, starting with our beaches.  And they have been hard at work with noticeable difference in Crammond, Portobello and Yellowcraig beaches already.

“We’ve had enough,” said one activist who asked for anonymity, “we can’t stand by as fish are killed by waste and our animals are forced into wild behaviour as they can’t eat where they are supposed to.  We had to do something.”

Given the recent spate of wild animal attacks reported by the Envoy.  We must thank these activists for their bravery in acting.

There will be a major series of clean up events featuring zombie nights and other eco-centred festivities on the nights of the 12th to the 15th of July.  Set at night to minimise any effect to the local wildlife

The Envoy will continue to cover this story as it unfolds.