Umbrella Opens for the Public.

It has been teased for some months now, but the resident evil themed horror franchise “Umbrella Inc” has now opened its doors to rave reviews from government minds and citizens as well.  All of which stand well for the new business.

“This is a fantastic wave of opportunity for the arts in Scotland,” beamed Fiona Hyslop who is the current Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Culture, “Umbrella Inc has drawn from the best and brightest of Scottish artists and actors and presented a wave of jobs and employment across the board whilst providing a culturally popular form of tourism and entertainment in Edinburgh”.

And from what is seems, popular is an understatement according to tourists such as Eduardo Lopez.  A tourist on holiday who caught the opening night.

“What a blast,” cheered Eduardo, “so scary and exciting.  The dialogue was so authentic, the props were so life like and the actors were fantastic.  I even got merchandise.  I would recommend this to anyone”.

With scenario’s penned by the mysterious theatre guru “Raz”.  Edinburgh has a horror hit on its hands for many years to come.