25 dead in Welfare Facility Attack

An attack on a child welfare centre in Berlin, Germany is being treated as a terrorism attack after 25 adults and children were killed in what is thought be a operation carried out by a radical force. 

O the night of 24th August the Centre experienced an explosion, now known to have been a bomb placed by the terrorists.  Rescue forces were sent to evacuate the centre and surrounding area, including a fleet of rescue helicopters.  These Helicopters came under fire when they entered the area, some were shot down killing those on board.  The terrorists managed to escape the area, but police and national agencies have been working around the clock to hunt them down.

The current death toll was said to be 25 but 9 children are currently unaccounted for and possibly buried under rubble from the explosion.  Rescue efforts are under way to secure the building and locate the children. 

Our thoughts are with the families of those who died.