Gangland vandalism strikes North Queensferry

Crime in Central Scotland continues to wreak havoc as vandalism sees the arson of the Abernathie Farmhouse on the night of the 27th of July with Police becoming increasingly frustrated at the amount of random vandalism on the rise.

“It is extremely frustrating for the police,” exclaimed Detective Munro of the Central Scotland Police Arson Division, “it would seem that since the amount of extreme gangland acts from the likes of the Dead Mans Hand has begun to lower, the amount of petty destruction and random arson has increased.  Just when people thought it would begin to get safer, this sort of thing keeps people tense”.

Our sources within the police indicate that the evidence suggests alcohol and drug use leading to an extreme act of vandalism that got out of control and caught nearby petrol containers for farmyard equipment.  Luckily the fire was contained to the farmhouse itself thanks to the rapid response of local fire teams.

The police are asking for any members of the public with information to contact them.