Church Silver Investigation

The recent spat of break ins at Edinburgh places of worship is still being investigated by police.  The events last month saw many items of historical and religious value stolen from churches all over the city. 

Police have been following up on reports from members of the public but so far, no suspects or evidence has been forthcoming.  None of the items stolen have turned up in pawn shops or black markets.  It is possible that the items have been melted down for their silver value, but police are hopeful that the criminals involved may just be holding onto them until the heat dies down. 

A spokesperson for the Catholic Diocese of Edinburgh has issues a statement saying

“We are deeply saddened by the actions of these criminals who have felt the need to ransack a place of worship. We hope that they reflect upon their actions and realise that it is not too late for forgiveness.  We hope that they would return these holy items to us.

We thank the parishioners of the church’s affected; they have been very supportive and have shown just how loving the community is.  “

If anyone has any information and has not yet come forward, please contact the police on 101.